Friday, June 26, 2009

Role Play Around The Corner..

26 June 2009

Our class started early today as arabic class was canceled.Last Tuesday we discussed about Mr.Bloom that experienced the pain from the bottom to the neck.So today we proceed the case and Mr.Bloom should be referred for a psychological evaluation.In this lesson,we also recalled our memory about the passive voice.Actually passive voice look more formal than active voice.Other than that Miss Adilah also gave the chance to have a simple role play.So I took the challence as my preperation of my role play on next week.I hope my partner,Nadzirah and me will do our best.Juz wait and see our perfomance!

The Way You Say It...

23 June 2009

We continue our lesson with new chapter,Breaking Bad News.That is mean that our role play will be held on next week!We must ready from now.Well in this lesson,the thing that make me interested is about the way we say about something.Sometimes we want to say something that show happiness but the way we say can make it become something sad.So,I have learnt about the "accusing"tone of voice and the "supporting" tone of voice.To be a good doctor,we must have the "supporting" tone so that everyone can accept what we say.We also learnt about the question that show can show either confirmation or question.Only the tone used to say it can differentiate between the confirmation and the question.Last but not least,remember that "It's not what you say,it's how you say it...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cut Out the Tumor??

19 June 2009

We'll have to perform surgery to cut out the tumor...waa it sounds so scary right?So today we learnt how to make it sounds less scary than that.Can you imagine if the doctor said that to you?I'm sure you will be collape before you will be given the anesthetic (huhu).So,what about if we change the sentence to "You will need a small surgery to cut out the tumor"...much better..So,I learnt another thing today!

Pressure = Stress?

16 June 2009

For this week,we are going to know about the circumtances in emergency department.Every emergency case is refering to this department.So,can you imagine how busy the doctor who is working under this department?This can give pressure to a doctor.For me,pressure has its positive effect and negative effect.Yes,sometimes pressure make me stress but sometime pressure give me the reason to finish the work immediately(reminder:never do work at last minute huhu).But as a doctor,only the doctor knows how pressure it is working under emergency room.InsyaAllah,no matter how busy I am,I will never forget my responsibility as a muslim,daughter,sister and friend....;-)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Role Play..

12 Jun 2009

Our class start early from usual today as arabic class is canceled.We continue our lesson about how to have the good comunication with the patient.Miss Adila had given us the task that is the role play.We manage to do it well even we had just practice for a day.We are divided into two groups between boys and girls.The boys thet present Asyraf and ammar as their representative did the task succesfully.They had a very spontaneous and confident discussion.But the girl also did not disssapointed.We come with creative presentation as our role play had props and also music effect...(just to make it more interesting)...And not forgotten,congratulation Miss Adila for your result and thanx for the yummy donut!!^-^

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New task...

9th June 2009

Well,after we learnt how to make the patient comfortable,today we know how to examine the patient ethically.Another new thing for me and InsyaAllah I will practice it in the future in order to show the people that muslim docotor has a good ethical in their way to treat patient...

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm a DOCTOR...

5th June 2009

Today we learn the first step for a doctor to interact with the patient.Firstly,we must have the small talk with the patient to make them comfortable.We learnt how to start the introduction of the small talk.Then I had to act as a doctor and a patient with my partner.With this activity,I could improve my communication and learn the polite way to close with patient as well.So,imagine I'm a doctor then I would now how to speak with my patient.Imagine that...

Time for Presentation...

2 June 2009

After we had a discussion in group.we decided to bring out the topic about the Malay Culture in Medicine.We talk about Confinement and my group was the first group that had the presentation.I was quite nervours because it was along time I did not do the presentation.But we had done all our best.We had to improve our slide,pronounsation and have eye contact.For me,this first presentation was a good starter for another presentation....